Meet the team

Meet the team

George Bornyan

Director | Licensed Estate Agent | OIEC
George has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. His strong work ethic and drive to innovate and refine the way he transacts all aspects of real estate are highly valued by vendors and purchasers. Many are repeat customers or have recommended George to others looking to trust him with their homes for a highly qualified and trusted real estate professional. He is passionate about helping people on their property buying and selling journey, especially young first-time buyers with no experience. With many years of refining his art, George has truly helped many people with their home-buying process. And Something you must know about George is that he provides stress-free transactions whether you are buying or selling, with complete transparency. He is very conservative and calm person to deal with, he is hard working and loves to have fun. A strange mix that fills our team with joy and peace. Outside of work, George likes golf as he plays every Sunday religiously. He enjoys summer as he loves water sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding. He also welcomes winter as he looks forward to snowboarding and skiing, then enjoying a glass of red in front of a warm fire.

Robert Fidanza

General Manager | Licensed Estate Agent | Specialised Assets Division
Robert has an impressive career that began in 2006 in land subdivisions, off-plan, and established residential sales. Using his supreme communication and negotiation skills combined with an honest approach, Robert has built an extensive network of clients while building lasting business relationships. Robert understands the commitment and professional approach required to meet the demands of his clientele due to his work ethic based on the core values of dedication, integrity, and hard work. As a Director of The Avenue Property Co, it is these qualities that Robert has instilled in his team through a continual drive to lead by example. His main objective is that the vendors and the purchasers are happy with the final result. Robert is one of the most cooperative people in the company; he is always willing to help you and patiently explain what you don’t understand. He will always look for the best outcome for all involved. Outside of work, Rob loves sports, especially football and soccer. He is quite adventurous and loves going on family trips.

Paulina Porras

Property Manager | Sales Executive
All real estate agents have a genuine love for property, and Paulina is no exception; she not only sees beauty in homes, but she also loves family stories and stories that together define the unique character and personality of each property she sells. This has helped her understand her clients better and create long-term relationships based on trust. Paulina joined our team in December 2021 and has filled the team with energy and joy. She puts 110 per cent of her energy into everything she does, providing each client with the perfect balance of service and experience. She is warm and engaging and creates an easy relationship with buyers and sellers, which is essential to ensure productive negotiations and a smooth sales process. Outside of work, Paulina loves to exercise; she does personal training twice a week. She likes to go camping with her family, so if you need recommendations for places, she can help you with that too. She is passionate about football (soccer), loves watching club and international matches, and loves watching tennis and boxing.

Daniela Saavedra

Sales Executive
Daniela’s immense success as a real estate agent is due to communication, tenacity, teamwork, and excellent negotiation skills. Danielle brings an innovative and hands-on approach to initiating and developing business opportunities for the benefit of her clients. Her strength lies in her ability to relate and communicate with her clients, find common ground, and build rapport. She is outgoing, a people person and brings warmth and empathy to all interactions with her clients. In addition to her vast experience in real estate, Danielle is a keen traveller and self-confessed foodie, with a particular love for trying cuisines from different cultures. Other of her interests include hiking, dance and cook.

Florence Law

New Homes & Land Sales Manager
In any real estate environment, Florence Law shines as a beacon of dedication, hard work, and unparalleled attention to detail. With a result-driven outlook, Florence impresses clients with her integrity and extensive knowledge across the real estate landscape. What sets her apart is not just her professional prowess, but also her ability to navigate the industry with effortless wit and charm. Florence's love for both people and property is evident in every aspect of her work. Her strong suit lies in bringing people and properties together, a skill honed by her natural lateral thinking abilities. Florence excels at looking at situations from multiple perspectives, consistently adding value to each stakeholder involved in the process. Blessed with bilingual skills and a multicultural background, Florence embodies the versatility and diversity crucial in today's marketplace. Her ability to connect with clients from various backgrounds enhances her effectiveness as a real estate agent, allowing her to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of each individual. From coordinating professional trades on-site in a pair of gumboots to adding elegant and stylish touches to finish a project, Florence's versatility knows no bounds. Her past experiences have seen her hosting informative formal presentations for business associates, showcasing her ability to seamlessly navigate diverse aspects of the real estate industry. Now a valuable member of The Avenue Property Co team, Florence brings a wealth of proven experience spanning property investment, business development, new homes construction, and project management. Her multifaceted skill set ensures that clients receive comprehensive and expert guidance throughout their real estate journey. Outside of her professional pursuits, Florence enjoys cooking and entertaining, finding joy in connecting with friends and family. Her beloved fur babies, Bluey the cat and Etsu the puppy, are also an integral part of her life, reflecting her warmth and nurturing nature. For those seeking a real estate professional who goes beyond the ordinary, Florence is your dedicated partner. With her unique blend of skills, experience, and genuine passion for the industry, Florence is poised to exceed your expectations and make your real estate journey a seamless and successful one.

Samuel Eaton

Sales Executive
As a local real estate agent and member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), Samuel stays current with industry trends and regulations to provide his clients with informed and reliable advice. Leveraging the power of advanced digital marketing and social media, he efficiently markets properties to streamline the buying and selling process. Samuel's client-focused approach ensures smooth transactions, whether buying or selling. His extensive industry knowledge and legal expertise help minimize stress and delays, making the experience as seamless as possible for his clients.

Sara Zhang

Third Party Liaison Manager & International Sales Consultant
Her confidence, positivity, and professionalism are immediately apparent upon meeting Sara. She has excellent business acumen and an investment mindset. Sara is passionate about being a real estate agent and enjoys establishing effective working relationships with vendors and, just as importantly, prospective buyers throughout a sales campaign. Her attention to detail means that every stage of bringing a property to market is carried out as smoothly and professionally as possible. Sara is fluent in English and Mandarin and works closely with her clients in Australia and abroad to guide them through their real estate journey. Sara strongly believes in living a balanced lifestyle, and she enjoys gardening, reading a good book on a Sunday morning and a good movie with popcorn.

Brandonlee Paredes

Assistant to the Directors
As a self-confessed perfectionist, always setting high standards for himself, Brandon provides exceptional support and assistance to the Directors. Ensuring that they can focus their efforts on providing our clients with the best service and professional attention. He has gone out of his way to learn everything there is to know about the profession and the local real estate market. He’s energetic (in fact, his colleagues say he’s always on the go), hard-working, highly competitive, and loves a challenge! Brandon has developed a keen eye for ownership. He greatly appreciates the opportunity his current position gives him to build strong, trusting, and productive relationships with his clients. He considers himself incredibly lucky to be a part of such a supportive and inclusive environment. One of his particular passions is music, so when he is not working, he actively participates in music concerts and is currently recording his album; we are waiting to listen to it.

Kevin Luan

International Markets Licensed Estate Agent
Kevin Luan is a genuine real estate professional from Melbourne. He has a solid connection to local and international markets, and his extensive list of loyal clients spans the globe. His dedication to marketing, sales, and negotiation, coupled with a positive attitude and ingrained philosophy of hard work, have delivered exciting results for his clients. That dedication has established Kevin as a licensed real estate agent and Director. Kevin’s friendly and honest personality ensures his enjoyment of the industry, to which he says to “be positive with everyone and never say negative words.” He loves to exceed customer expectations. He is fluent in Mandarin and English. Outside of work, Kevin likes to travel, exercise and read a lot.

Harry Du

Property Consultant International Markets
With many years in the industry, Harry is always professional and determined while priding himself on his clients’ excellent service and sales results. He is also self-motivated and competitive, so while he is pleased with the results, he is always firmly focused on the following listing and the next sale; as he says, never waste an opportunity. Harry is passionate about real estate and has a strong work ethic. His warm and humble personality offers a positive and trusting experience with everyone he meets. He has a comprehensive understanding of buyer and vendor perspectives in the sales process. Harry combines a passion for property and a superior knowledge of the marketplace with astute networking abilities. He is fluent in Mandarin and English. Outside of work, Harry’s interests include sports, especially mountain biking and karaoke.

Natasha Yuan

Property Consultant International Markets
She has been in the Real Estate industry for more than 6 years and her knowledge and expertise in negotiation sets her apart from her competitors.

Marcela Zamora

She is the one who has made sure that our numbers are always well organized. She is organised and highly professional, and has great attention to detail.

Katherine Lopez

Office Manager
Responsible for the smooth running of The Avenue Property Co, Kat's eye for detail, exceptional problem-solving skills, and friendly nature help ensure that each client receives the best possible service from the team. Kat is Proactive, insightful, and computer science knowledgeable; she assists staff in their professional development and smooth running of office operations. In her free time, she enjoys cooking for friends and family and searching out new and fun restaurants to enjoy with them is her favourite pastime.

Selena Brohier

Receptionist / Administration Assistant
Selena brings with her a warm spirit and an eagerness to grow in all areas of Real Estate. As the first point of contact for our office, she will always greet clients with a warm and friendly welcome. Coming from a Hospitality and Beauty Therapy background, Selena has developed a passion for client satisfaction and is excited to strive to make your experience at The Avenue Property Co a positive and memorable one. Outside of work, Selena is a "foodie" at heart and loves to go to new restaurants with her friends and family, growing up in the bayside suburbs Selena is familiar with the best restaurants in the area and is always up to giving recommendations. Selena also loves weekend camping trips and relaxing beach days.

Jed Polglaze

Assistant to the Directors
Jed is a young, dedicated and driven real estate agent with an unwavering passion for building lasting relationships and achieving success. Committed to delivering the highest standards of client satisfaction, he brings out the best in himself and those around him. Jed approaches every task with relentless determination, ensuring it is completed to the highest standard. Having grown up in the Bayside suburbs, Jed possesses an intimate knowledge of the local area and its unique qualities. His education at Parkdale Secondary College and his decade-long experience playing football for the Mordialloc Brae-side Junior Football Club have equipped him with an extensive network that he leverages to benefit his clients. Outside of his professional life, Jed enjoys embarking on adventures with friends and creating cherished memories on exciting family holidays. His enthusiasm for life and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to The Avenue Property Co and the real estate industry.