Home Design Trends for 2022

Home Design Trends for 2022


Home Design Trends for 2022

2022 is a beautiful number and the beginning of a new decade, and it brought us not only a pandemic and general confusion but also exciting ideas in home design. Many home builders may wonder what influence this time has had on house design and what trends are here to stay.


From multifunctional spaces to connecting with nature, here are five things that your home needs in 2022.


1. A Home Office: A home office ideally will have plenty of natural light, adequate power points, and a door or window to act as a barrier to sound and household distractions. The home office is essential with flexible workplaces appearing to be the way of the future, says Keith Fuller, senior designer at Porter Davis.

Posters on grey wall above wooden desk in a natural home office interior with plants and lamp

2. Natural Colours & Materials: Many natural colours like beige and earthy greens and lots of wood and timber inside homes. Adding elements of colour is on-trend

3. Zoned open plan: A zoned-open plan layout means that the office is closed off rather than a study nook and is located away from the living space. Family areas will still be free-flowing but may incorporate features like fold-away doors to close off the television area at times.

Two-floor apartment with spacious living room with wooden stairs, hardwood floor and many big windows

4. Multifunctional Spaces: A multipurpose room is a space that can be set up for several purposes and can be easily adapted when your needs change. It typically needs plenty of storage to hide clutter, such as exercise equipment or art supplies, and is ideal for a personal trainer or fitness enthusiast.

5. Curves: Modern design in Australia has been about rigid lines, but the style is changing. The trend is curves and arches and introducing those into a contemporary space to escape the bold, white and bright interiors of the past.

Think softly curved walls and windows, rounded island benches, mirrors and furniture that play on the circular style.

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